Thursday, September 25, 2014



Yup, the word is out - there's a bug, possibly worse than websites with "Heartbleed". This affects computers running Linux, UNIX, which include web-servers running that OS as well as Mac's, and the bug is called "Shellshock".

This comes from a part of the Linux/UNIX code called "Bash", and according to Kaspersky labs there is a computer "worm" already "In the wild" trying to take advantage of this.
You may not own a MAC of Linux computer and feel pretty safe, but do you have a website? Unless you specifically picked "Windows Server" to host your website then it's probably on a Linux or Unix server.
And it's not just your servers, or computers you have to worry about - most wireless routers and webcams run a version of Linux as well.
While you'll find many articles about this on the web, here is a link to one from PC World's website, HERE.
Red Hat issued some patches late yesterday but according to those who looked at them, they were incomplete and still left you vulnerable. I guess we'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks...
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