Monday, December 22, 2014



Dancing through your drive
Killing Trojans while I go
Into registries,
Where the bastards hide - you know
Then into startup files
Using Autoruns
Your sweat drains on for miles
And yet I'm having fun!
When I'm finally through
Your computer boots like new
And because it's Christmas time
I've chopped your bill in two
So keep your "Flash" anew
And Adobe "Reader too
No matter how much you sip
watch that Java script
Jingle Bells
Old PC's smell
If they're filled with dust
Use canned air - if you care
or call a "Pro" in if you must
Jingle Bells
What's that smell?
Your power supply burnt up
What's the reason? Can't you guess
You didn't buy a UPS
Merry Christmas!
[look for my end-of-year wrap-up soon!]
'Nuff Said,